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Who We Are

Personalized one-stop service for overseas Indians to
purchase medicines from India

Your neighborhood Indian Pharmacy can now reach you wherever you live

The NRI’s pharmacy started as a friends and family initiative just as the first wave of Covid was sweeping the world. As flights stopped and international travel became restricted, we started receiving requests from patients personally known to us in countries as diverse as the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Kenya, Oman, Czech Republic and dozens of others, to have medicines sent to them via courier.

Some were struggling with availability in their respective countries and others were simply used to the treatments they had begun at home in India. A lot of learnings and several thousands of deliveries later, we are today the go-to service for NRIs in any corner of the world, who wish to import medicines from India for their personal use. We are not just a courier service; we operate our own pharmacies in India, stocked with the full range of 100% genuine medicines and will handhold you with customs compliances and paperwork honed from our years of experience, to ensure your medicines make it to your doorstep.

And if there’s something that we know is disallowed by customs in your particular country, we’ll let you know in advance instead of taking chances. And that’s our way of preserving the trust based experience that we have all come to expect from our neighborhood brick and mortar dawai ki dukaan. And on popular demand, we are happy to have started offering tele consultations with our curated panel of doctors as well that we hope you will find helpful.

We look forward to hearing how we may serve you; please think of us as your pados ki pharmacy, ab pardes mein!